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Welcome to the chewtastic party world!


we're Chews and Party.

Thinking of a get together for your pup and their friends? You have come to the right place! Chews and Party is your go-to dog party planner for dog parties in Melbourne (or Australia wide through our online pawty range).

This is no ordinary event company; this is your go-to supplier for when you want that little bit of extra sparkle for your loyal loving pet. You know – that icing on the cake thing where your pup is seen as the most luxe animal on the planet? Well, that’s what we are here to do.

Starting as a concept in 2018 and being brought to life in 2020, our aim is to bring pure happiness and joy, as humans connect over the love for their pets.

Meet the Party Team



Better watch out – it’s the Chief Party Officer, Mr. Chester Chews. This boy is full of love for humans and a little feisty with fellow furiends (depending on the day).

Chester is a German Spitz that loves loud toys, teasing his humans for fun and cuddling with mum. He’s a bit of a mixed bag but is the boss of the house, and of Chews and Party.




Say hello to the cutest, sweetest and most friendly Pomeranian – our second in charge Chief Party Officer, Mr. Fluffball Theo.

Theo is a Pomeranian who is the tiniest package full of love. He absolutely adores his toys big and small, and loves peas as snacks! If you’re looking for someone to instantly improve your mood, this lil guy must be your go-to!

(Mr. Chester Chews' Mum)

Since a young age, Gab has been a true fan of all animals big and small (except of course the neighbourhood creepy crawlies). Whether you found her staring at tigers in the zoo, creating projects for herself such as her in-depth report on cat breeds as an 8-year-old, or being the kid in the corner playing with the family pet at birthdays instead of her friends, this girl knows animals and couldn’t love anything more.

With a professional background in Marketing, Gab is great at creating visions for brands, events and campaigns. The perfect mix of her love for marketing and pets truly came to life in 2017, where she embarked on her own pet journey with our mildly crazy Chief Party Officer, Mr. Chester Chews. She wanted nothing but the best for her furbaby so Chester got his own social media account and through it, she got to adore the many gorgeous boutique pet brands on there from around the world, and start her own journey with Chews and Party. 

(Mr. Fluffball Theo's Mum)


There would be no Chews and Party if it wasn’t to include Miss B, aka Mr. Fluffball Theo's mum! Bridget, our co-pet lover, has always held the fine-tuned note of quality and taste. From a young age this girl has taken a stand on being unique and proud of it. From having pet turtles instead of the traditional furry friends, to not wanting to watch the movie Babe because she could smell the farm animals from the screen (but Babe was so cute, so she’s come around on that one), she knows that the best creative projects come from challenging the norm, and isn't afraid to do so.

Today, combining her passion for design and pets, Bridget brings a wealth of creativity to our brand and to your parties. From graphics, decor and unique campaigns, you can count on her to create you something special.

From the team above, you can see that your party is in the right hands and paws!

Want to know one thing more? We are Pet First Aid Certified through the Australian Red Cross' Pet First Aid Program. Not only can you count on us for style and fun, you can also trust that your pet's safety is in capable hands. 


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