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Build a Dog Party

Is your dog’s birthday, sorry, barkday round the corner? How about throwing the most amazing party ever? After all, it’s your dog’s special day, the one day of year that the spotlight is entirely on them (we know... they sorta get the attention every day of the year but with how much love they bring, they deserve to be spoilt for a whole 24 hours).

Today, we're telling you how to make your dog's birthday the most memorable one to date with Chews and Party. You can always reach out to us to create a custom party box for your pup's barkday but below we go over how you can DIY a dog party yourself.

How? Well... behold our Chews and Party Build a Party range of items for you to be able to make your fur baby’s birthday extra special. Our collection can bring your pup's barkday to life with ideas and inspiration to get your pup's tail pawty-wagging.

Let’s get started!

Bake Them an Unfurgettable Cake

‘People cake’ is a no-no for dogs. That doesn’t mean they have to miss out on all the delicious fun!

Bake a dog birthday cake for your fur baby. Chews and Party sell pupcake mix specifically designed for dogs by the Organic Dog Co. These come with peanut butter to be your pup's drool-worthy icing and cookies for some added cute looks. If you want to go big, you can also order a custom-built cake from a friendly neighborhood dog bakery such as our GO-TO supplier - Willow's Pantry or find a local dog barker on Instagram or Etsy.

Top it off with some cute as barkday-specific acrylic cake toppers from Chews and Party, and you're ready to take some insta-worthy pictures. These handmade toppers are made by the lovely ladies at Grace and Kiki in Sydney NSW and can add a lot of fun and color to your cupcake. Hello, hassle-free decorative items that can be used year after year! P.S. Make sure you remove the toppers before you serve the cake to your pup and if using candles, don't light them with your pup there!

Munchies? Yes, Please.

Inviting your dog’s friends over for a pawsome time? Be sure to give them something to bark about. The cake is now sorted from our point above but what is a party without some treats!?

Bake and serve delicious dog biscuits to your dog and their furry buddies OR contact us to supply a doggy grazing board. We coordinate local treat suppliers and can pull together one mighty tasty board for your pup and their guests to enjoy!

Leftovers? Wrap some up for your four-legged guests to take home or bring it to your pup's next daycare session!

Dress to Impress

Your dog is the smartest pup in the entire world, we agree. With a carefully curated dog birthday outfit, you can make them look the part too!

At Chews and Party, we handmake barkday bows for your dog to wear and look their dapper best. These bows easily slip onto your pups collar and instantly make them party ready!

After all, isn't a birthday the perfect time to dress up?

Birthday Hat for the Birthday Pup!

Barkday crowns and barkday hats are another layer of partyware dogs must have in their wardrobes to fully announce they are the barkday king or queen! Our two versions are handmade in Aus classics that are designed to suit any general party theme because we really just love bright colours and classic looks. After something custom? Reach out to us and we can point you in the right direction for the cutest dog crown supplier - hey small Aussie bus friends from Under the Cherry Tree and Fluffy Pup Club. After something for your guests?! We have paper crowns that we make ourselves too. Perfect to share the birthday royalty with.

Deck The Halls

Birthdays are all about celebration, so... you should go all out with the decor! While we can cater to any dog theme you can imagine (think dog personalised number balloons, entire party theming), you can also build your own dog party with pawsome items from our collection. In our collection you will find dog balloons packs, pom pom garlands, felt letter garlands and felt cake toppers to add the fun quotient to your dog's birthday party. You can never go wrong with these staples!

Take home bags!!!

Guests NEEED something to take home to commemorate the event so make sure you include take home bags for all your pup's friends! It's a staple in our eyes! These can be as simple as you like from handmade cookies to the most estravagent take home bag like our Go Chew loot bags. Now, these are luxe and have guests going 'woof'!

Set up A Photobooth

No birthday celebration is complete without a photo shoot. Again, WE LOVE DOING THESE! It is our speciality that's for sure. But if you're reading this outside the city of Melbourne, we'll it's time for you to get searching to build the best dog photobooth (some of our build a party range can make a feature here!!).

As the internet is a storehouse of dog birthday photoshoot ideas, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If your pup makes frequent appearances on Instagram, that makes it twice as important to get good pawty pictures! While setting up your dog photo booth be sure to make your own dog birthday hashtag. Go big or go home, right?

Top it Off with a Pinata

As the host, it’s your duty to provide entertainment. And what better way to do that than by getting your dog a pinata filled with their favorite treats or toys? Our handmade mascot pinata is cute and super fun! The best part? You can fill it with whatever your pup loves the most - treats, toys, or both! Your dog can have double the fun trying to dig them out from the pinata. We love making these and seeing your pups destroy them!

Wrapping Up

We hope these dog birthday ideas from our Build a Party range will help you throw your dog the best birthday party of all time. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to buy a dog birthday gift to commemorate the special occasion!


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