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Dog Lover Gifts for Dog Lovers' Dogs

Ok, so you're here which 100% means you're a dog lover who wants to get a fellow dog lover a gift because they love dogs. Could I say 'Dog lover' or 'dog' any more than I just did? I think dog. hahahaha

In all seriousness, the holiday season is here and so we've compiled a list of Chews and Party gifts for THE best and cutest present you could get someone. We're not lying either - gifts from small businesses that are locally made by hand are SO SO SO special. They will love it and think that you're the best person ever being so thoughtful and all. Big ticks all around!

Let's get into it! Our top five picks for you to gift to your Dog Lover friend (human or dog!).

If you've been living under a rock then you probably don't know what the most in-demand product at Chews and Party has been - our famous Go Chew toys. These guys are on the go toys that you can use the keyring to link it to your leash and then clip on / off the toy for training, playing, or just getting attention. What's super special about this series is that they're characters!! Eeyore, Pikachu, Marge omg the list goes on. Hand crocheted by us because we're the best dog fiberartists and yeah.. your dog lover friend WOULD LOVE one of these for Christmas.

Are you ready to BONBON!? Bonbons are probably our favourite thing at the Christmas table (well second to the foods haha). These ones are made for dogs! They're decorated like a pinata by us cutting and sticking each frill. Inside you will find the yummiest dog treats by Pluto and Ally, the cutest paper hat and riddle. Boyyyyyy..... delish and festive AF. What's even better is that these are only $15 each! WHAT A GORGEOUS BARGAIN!

Are you the type of gift person that likes to give things that prove use after use? Our Know My Name Pin does just that. Think about all the walks your dog lover friend goes on... how much cooler would it be if they're gathering new followers each time they go? Well, that's what this is for. Simply write your social handle on the pin and pin it to your pup's bow or bandana and off you go! Collecting Instagram followers on the daily!

We're huge stationery fans and dog lovers usually love stationery too - especially when it's this cute. Grab your dog lover friend a notebook that features cute pups throughout and comes with two mini sticker sheets AND get this - a SHIBA INU PEN!!!! Oh gosh, we cannot recommend this book enough and what's even cooler is that it's printed locally. Talk about a win while supporting small businesses. Pair it with more stickers and wow... can someone please gift this for me? :(

You cannot go past the Classic Chew Bone Toy. We hand make these ourselves with fun printed fabrics. They're our staple go-to toy as our furbabies love them but they also just look great! Talk about a toy that matches a dog lover's home interior. Style 101 and the present that pleases both the human and dog!

We don't think you'd find a cuter collection of toys, stationery and fun things than at Chews and Party. Sounds bias but it's true - you've told us so!

P.S. If you do know some other cute small businesses like ours - send them our way! We need to do our own Christmas shopping too and love supporting other businesses that are just killing it!

P.P.S. If you were after more festive items to gift or to just have for fun during the festive season we call Christmas - visit our Doggy Christmas Collection here.


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