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Need some ideas on how to entertain your pet indoors?

We know you love your pup so why not make this time at home a little different (the fun kind of different) for your pet. Here are eight games you can play with your pet indoors.

1. Treat Scavenger Hunt

Just like a child's Easter Egg Hunt, this activity involves a bunch of goodies to be hidden for one to go and find. Leave you dog occupied with another member in the household for a few minutes and grab some treats that your dog absolutely loves. Scatter these treats throughout the house, place them in weird locations that will make them difficult to spot like your rooms like on a random skirting board or bookshelf. Once a few minutes have passed, let your dog go hunt!

2. Play the cup game

You've seen the magic trick where there is one prize and three cups? This is the same but for your loyal loving canine friend. Place a treat under one cup, mix the three cups around and pause. Let your dog then guess which cup the treat is under!

3. Be a smartie and learn a new trick

A dog is never too old to learn a new trick. If you've mastered the basic commands like sit, drop, stay, why not take it up a level to spin, drop dead or even hand stand! There are so many fun tricks to learn so why not try teach your pup something new.

4. Do some chores

Have you ever considered teaching your pup some tricks to help you around the house? This gif says it all. Dogs love having a job to do, even if it is something as simple as grab the newspaper from the lawn. Have some fun and see if you can teach your pup some chores to help you with. It's nice to have the company too.

5. Get to know your toys

According to Dr. Stanley Coren, an expert in canine intelligence, the average dog can understand about 165 words, possibly more with training. Whilst your indoors, it's a great time for you and your pup to create some names for their many toys. Most dogs would know 'ball' but why not add 'teddy' or 'sharky' or 'burger' to the mix!

6. Get a doggie massage

Did you know there's a proper way to massage your dog to best reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Just as humans require massages to help with karmic retribution, your pup can benefit in the same way. Go on a Google rant and check out the many different dog massage websites that show types of massages to try and pressure points to focus on. Who doesn't want their pup to feel good!?

7. Indoor obstacle course

Get the toilet paper, get the chairs and the hula hoops, it's time to create an obstacle course! Have some fun by creating challenging obstacles that your pup can wiz and weave their way through. Set the timer and see how quickly your dog can leap over towers of toilet paper, crawl under chairs and weave through other items in the house. It's fun and different and will get you and your pup having a great day in.

8. Stairway / hallway dash

Our final activity is the stairway or hallway dash! This requires a timer and some basic commands like sit, stay or wait. Have your pup wait at one end of the staircase (or hallway) and when you make it to the other side, yell 'Ready, Set, Go!' and hit the timer. Make it interesting by racing your dog if it's a hallway or having a treat vs. no treat to see how fast your pup can really go! Remember to be safe if running up stairs - you don't want any nasty falls.

Do you have other games that you enjoy playing with your pup? Send us a message, we are always on the lookout for more fun things to do with our pups.


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