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How To Celebrate Halloween With Your Dog

One of the most anticipated and thrilling events for both the young and old is Halloween. Filled with costumes, spooky cobweb decorations, candy (yum!), jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin carving, horror movie marathons (boo!), how could it not be?

So what can make Halloween better? By letting your canine buddy join in this once-a-year spooky night of glamour, terror, and fun!

Here are some easy and creative ideas that you can try to help your dog become part of this night where gremlins and unicorns come to life.

Howloween dog toys and party hats chews and party

Enjoy the Witchin’ Hour with Blume Party Hats

A cute handmade Halloween accessory like a witch's hat or pumpkin topper may be a better choice than dressing your dog in a full hero or fairy costume, and you can't get a better choice than Chews Party's Blume Party Hats.

Designed by Babes in Bloom, this limited edition Halloween accessory is magically glittery and oh, so comfy! The best part? You can match your costume with your dog’s as you go Trick-or-Treating or for Halloween-themed parties.

These topper designs only come in a single size—8cm for the witch’s hat and 6.5cm for the pumpkin topper. Rest assured, they will fit nicely on small to big furbabies.

Your dog can enjoy going around your neighbourhood collecting Halloween dog biscuits and plenty of pats sans the discomfort of an entire Halloween outfit.

Set a Pooches Play Date with lots of Halloween Dog Toys and Go Chews

Invite your dog’s friend over for a Halloween-themed party, and don’t forget their humans! (If lockdown ends, invite a few friends!)

Your dog will love having some playtime with his mates. And once they’ve exhausted their energy reserve, what better pastime to keep them occupied than Halloween dog toys and chews from Chews and Party?

Let them chew on some bats and spiders, Day of the Dead Skull Go Chew, and Zom-bee Go Chew, and enjoy the small squeaky speakers inside every toy.

The best part? Handcrafted with love, made using home-sourced fabrics, and stuffed with human-grade filling, these toys and chews are a steal!

Since they disappear faster than you can say, boo, make sure you add enough for the entire pack to the cart now. You can also give this to your dog's friends as a giveaway so they can keep enjoying it in their own homes.

Treat your Pooch to Spooky BonBon Explosion

Does your dog chew everything at home? Tired of saying ‘no’? Why not gift them a chew-apart Halloween pinata instead?

This party bonbon is a great way to start or cap off your mini-Halloween get-together. You can open this handmade bonbon shell and load it with some Pluto and Ally cookies (included in the purchase!) and other treats that your dog loves.

All you have to do is fill it, seal it and toss it to your dog for some Halloween action and joke.

Indulge in some Sweet Spooky Lollypop

Can it be Halloween without candies and sweets? Nah!

And that’s why we’re introducing dog-friendly lollypops.

These limited edition spooky scary lollypops are cute and yummy. The scary skull is made of 100% yoghurt drops and the Ghouly Ghost is 20% yoghurt drops and 80% carob drops. No more worrying about your pup sneaking off with some sugar!

Say Boo…

Enjoy Halloween with your furbaby with any or all of these ideas—make that one ghoulish night highly memorable and something of a tradition that you and your dog will look forward to every year.


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