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Is it weird to have a birthday party for your dog?

The short answer – no way! Long answer, keep reading to find out why your dogs' birthday should be added to your yearly calendar!

Today we're discussing why we think it’s important to have a party for your dog. The answer is sort of obvious right, you love them, so why would you not have some fun with your four-legged friend? Well, aside from love there are a few other benefits that come with celebrating your pet’s quirks, so below we delve into the reasons why we think dog parties are a must-have.

Dogs make you happier

Bold statement but it’s true, ok sorta true – the actual truth is having a pet can make you happier.

It is proven that petting dogs ups your oxytocin levels and lowers your cortisol (the stress hormone). In line with this, having a dog around makes stressful situations less stressful. So why party with your dog? Think of it as an opportunity to reduce stress for a few hours, as you induce yourself with love from all the dogs you’ll be surrounded by, as you celebrate your own special pup.

"You love them so why would you not have some fun with your four-legged friend?"

Meet the faces behind the accounts

If you have a social media account for your dog, you possibly know exactly how it feels that your dog has more friends than you possibly do. In a recent survey by Mars Petcare, it was clear that our pets dominate most of our social media activities with 1-in-2 people in the survey saying that their pet gets more social attention than themselves and 1-in-6 owners have an account dedicated to their own pet.

Chances are that if you do have an account for your pet, you have made quite a few connections to other dogs that live in the same area, dogs that are the same breed, or dogs that have accounts that you just adore. Having a party for your dog gives you the chance to meet these dogs in person and connect with the faces behind the accounts. Who knows – your next friend could be right there!

Memorable moments

How many memories do you have with your pet? Endless right? When Taco broke into the Christmas presents early, when Toby patiently waited for his toy to finish in the washing machine or when Luna responded like a human when you said, let’s watch a movie. Our dogs bring priceless memories to our lives, so why not take the opportunity to bring some more.

Dog birthday parties, and dog parties in general, are unique experiences that will make you smile and laugh as you escape reality, and realise how simple and simply amazing their lives are.

Cake and treats

Can a dog eat too much cake? Just like us – yes, BUT have you seen a dog cake!? Having a party for your dog gives you a chance to get your bake on with the many dog cake recipes out there which can be super fun. When decorating, think tennis ball, bones, flowers or unicorns, the options to explore are endless.

If you don’t feel like baking, don’t fret, this is the perfect time to explore the small businesses out there in your local city. We have a few go-to brands that we absolutely love for birthday cakes and pupcakes in Melbourne. Below are a few that we work closely with for you to check out to give you the most pawfect cake to remember!

Content for social media

We are not going to deny it, parties make great content and social media can make parties go on for much longer than they did. This is another great reason why you should celebrate your pup!

With the photos and videos you have taken throughout the day, you can create awesome social posts to tag friends in and mash up your next viral TikTok performance.

A dog party is a day out that is not just the ordinary walk in the park

Our final reason is simple - giving your dog a day out other than a walk in the park is going to make his or her day. With so many butts to sniff and so much cake to eat, a party for your dog will leave memories not to be forgotten, making them super excited the next time they see their friends or a cake again.

Excited to host your own party but interested in knowing how to it all sorted without having to lift a paw? Visit our contact page to get in touch!


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