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Squid Games for DOGS!

Oh boy... could Squid Games of been a bigger hit? If you haven't watched the show already you've got to watch it pronto.

The show is sorta like a cross between Hunger Games and Saw. It centers on people who are struggling in life and gives them the opportunity to turn their life around. How? By joining a massive game to win a large cash prize. Thing is, it's no ordinary game - your life depends on it... ba ba baaaaaa....

So with the Squid Game hype we've come up with three Squid Game spin-offs for your next doggy playdate or party! Each is super easy to execute and so much fun to play.

1. Dalgona Cookie Munch

Find a basic dog cookie recipe like this one here. When you get to the rolling and cutting stage - first cut the cookies into a larger circle than the shape you're going to use on the inside, so that it looks like the below.

Be sure you don't separate the inner shape from the outer circle (that's what's needed for the game).

To increase the difficulty you can use a different shape for each cookie's inner cut - this will vary the difficulty for the players.

To play the game (once the cookies are made and cooled) have the players randomly select a cookie they will use for the game.

When you say "GO" each person has to break the edges off to be left with a PERFECT cut of the inner shape. You also have to have your pup eat the pieces you break off.

The first person to have the perfect inner cut WITH all the outer pieces eaten wins!

2. Red Light, Green Light

Ok so this game is sorta like 'What's the time Mr Wolf', 'Freeze' and 'Musical Chairs' - all combined.

Have the players walk and run around with their dogs while the leader has their back turned to the group.

When the leader is ready they say a chant (below) and turn around. The players must then freeze and have their dog sit!

Tip for the players: It’s easier to start the sitting process when you hear the chant to ensure your pup sits haha.

When the leader turns around whoever is still moving is out of the game. This continues until there is one winner left!

The Squid Game Chant:

The actual chant to say in Korean is "Aaja khele green light red light, Ye khel hai nirala" but in English, it translates to "Red Light, Green Light, 1, 2, 3!". We however, like to make things dog-related so you can use "Woof, Bark, 1, 2, 3!".

3. Marble Treats

This game is super easy and requires your pups good sniffing nose!

Give each player 3 treats (DON'T LET THE DOGS EAT THE TREATS) and then send them off to battle.

How? Well, each person goes to another player and places a treat (1, 2, or 3 - they choose their bet) in one hand and shows both hands to the other player's dog. The other player's dog must then sniff / guess which hand has the treats. If they get it right the player passes those treats to the owner of the dog that sniffed correctly.

This keeps going and players that have zero treats lose (they cannot keep betting with zero leftover treats).

If the game is going too long you can set a time limit (e.g. 10 minutes) and the person with the most treats (correctly sniffed out by their pup) wins! Woohoo!

So now if these games have you in the Halloween dog party spirit - we've done our job haha! Go have some Squid Game dog party fun to celebrate seeing your furiends again, and to celebrate the spooky season!

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