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Virtual Easter Party Success

Hi pups!

Welcome to Chews and Party's firstblog. This is definitely one to read as we are here to tell you about the awesome Virtual Easter Party we hosted in April, and give you a sneak peek into what is ahead.

First up though, we wanted to let you know about our newsletter so that you know what is in store, when you sign up.

Put simply - we are here to bring you fun, pet related content that will make you smile. Whether we're providing you with fun recipes to try for your pet, tricks to learn at home or photos of pet parties we've hosted, we are sure to give you something you will love to spend a few minutes to read. Our newsletters will only go out once every couple of months, so we think there is no better reason to hit the subscribe button! We look forward to bringing smiles to your inbox!

Virtual Easter Party - the low down

When initiating our party launch back in January, our plan was to host the most awesome Easter party for Melbourne pups. We planned the games, the prizes, the treats, the cake - the whole works, just to be prepared for when Easter came around.

Then, as you all would know, the virus that must not be named settled in. While first we did think to hold off our launch until everything was back to some level of normal, we did a 180 degree jump and thought - let's kick off!

This is where our Virtual Easter Party was born. The idea was simple, place a template on our newly created IG account Story and encourage pet accounts to get involved by sharing and tagging a friend. Once tagged we got our photoshopping skills into action by selecting an image from each dog (or cat)'s account and cutting them out to add them to our virtual party.

Over the 10 days before Easter, we had accounts from all over Australia, and the world, tag us in their stories to be added to our virtual party!

The party grew from 0 to 194 pets which we couldn't be more thankful for. We had over 40 dog breeds and we even had 8 cute cats join!

The final reveal was released in our stories and over 3 Instagram posts on Easter Sunday which was SUPER exciting. Upon the release we received so many positive messages from you guys, saying how much of a welcome distraction it was when a normal holiday was brought so far from normality this year.

We couldn't be happier with how it turned out and further more it got turned into a puzzle pack which brought another welcome distraction for you all as lockdown persisted!

What's next you ask?

Let's just say we've got so much fun lined up that I think we're a page that you are going to want to turn post-notifications on for.

- Chews and Party


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