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What to buy dogs for their birthday?

Is it your furbaby’s birthday? Have you already considered a birthday party, complete with four-legged friends, games, a cake, and a photoshoot? Need more ideas on how to pamper your dog and give them some extra TLC?

How about birthday presents?

Dogs are easy to please—whether it’s a new tennis ball or food bowl, or a new harness, your canine buddy will reward you with that perfect goofy doggy grin (or blep)!

Not looking forward to cliched gifts? Try something special this year with Chews and Party gift ideas!

Here are some of the good choices that your dog would going barking mad over:

Your best friend can never have too many chew toys. There are dozens of options in the market already, but there’s something super special about Chews and Party’s Go Chew toys!

Here are all the reasons why a Go Chew by us (Chews and Party) would be a great addition to your dog's or your friend's pup’s growing collection!

  • Unique Shapes - say goodbye to bone-shaped toys, balls and tug ropes and say hello to unicorns, bunnies, bees and more cute creatures. These are fast becoming a part of the Dog Instagram Starter Pack!

  • Convenience - they come with a keyring. No more misplacing your pup’s toys. Just clip them onto your dog's leash, or your bag or keychain. Now you’re ready for dog training, distracting your dog while you brunch and more.

  • Secret Pockets - Some of our Go Chews have pockets!! You have to admit that sounds cool! So what can you stash in these pockets? A poop bag or a treat. The choice is yours! Just remember to remove the poop bag before you toss the toy to your dog (you don’t want them tearing up your spare - especially if your pup decides to do a number two!!).

  • Built-in Squeakers - okay, we admit that’s a little cliched. But you can’t have a chew toy without the noise. So pick our noisiest one to keep your dog occupied.

  • Safe - all our toys have high-quality materials such as 100% bamboo or cotton yarn with polyester filling. The outer case is hand-crocheted. Why? Because the texture helps maintain your dog's dental hygiene. Get clean teeth without the fuss!

  • Machine-friendly - Cleaning our chew toys requires minimal effort. All you have to do is throw them in the wash when they get too dirty.

All dogs need a chew bone toy, and your dog’s birthday won’t be complete without one.

Check out the Chews and Party collection—we promise there are no plastic, rubber, wood products with nightmare-inducing spikes, beady eyes and the likes!

Our version of this classic toy includes fabrics, fillings, and squeaky toys. Our exclusive fabric prints are a joy to behold. The best part? You can match these one-of-a-kind prints with your dog's personality.

And when you give this to your dog, you also support local handicrafts and businesses because these are handmade in Melbourne with locally sourced fabrics. Even the luxe-velvet labels are made locally.

An all-out dog party means an all-out present, and this Love Chew Present box is the perfect match.

Spoil your dog on his special day and make him feel the luckiest puppy in the whole world with this gift set.

This surprise box includes the following:

  • Chews and Party “I Chew Chew Chews You” Card

  • Chews and Party Handmade Squeaky Heart Toy

  • Chews and Party Yoghurt Love or Rose Lollypop (randomly selected)

  • Pluto and Ally Heart Cookies

  • Decorative Heart Balloon

Your dog can indulge in some sweet treats and have a toy to play with, making this the perfect combo with which to pamper your birthday boy.

And just like all the products of Chews and Party, everything included in this gift box is handmade in Melbourne. Yes, we even collaborated with the Australian small businesses for the boxes.

After Thoughts

Giving your dog a gift is one of the littlest things you can do to show your dog how grateful you are for the genuine trust and eternal love that he showers you every day.

And where will you find one-of-a-kind treats for your awesome pawsome friend? Chews and Party, of course!


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