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What to do for your dog’s barkday!

So it’s your dog’s birthday and you’re wondering what to do to celebrate? If you’re one of the lucky ones who isn’t stuck in lockdown, the ideas we have are endless and boy you’d want to keep reading. If you’re stuck in lockdown, guess what!? We’ve still got some super furtastic ideas to celebrate your furbaby’s special day in style! (YAYYYY!)

Host a party

If you’re not in lockdown this idea is simple. Gather some friends, go to a park and celebrate! Be sure to have treats and of course a cake for the dogs to enjoy. And if you want to make it even more special arrange some games and prizes for your guests. They’ll be a hit and keep everyone entertained! (Watch out for the party hangovers, the pups really tire out from this 😂)!

If you’re in Melbourne and looking for a dog party planner, reach out! We can help with as much or as little as you like to bring your dog’s birthday party to life. Barkuterie boards, dog balloons, photoshoots, dog games - we’ve got you covered!

Cute black pomeranian celebrating first barkday in Hawaiian theme with chews and party

Have a home photoshoot

Did you know that we specialise in dog barkday photoshoots? Well now you do! If you’re not in Melb we’re sorry 😭 However you can achieve this too! Get some props, find a local dog cake supplier and get your camera ready to take some super cute photos! Let your dog act naturally, even if he’s chewing the cake haha. We love the natural vibe for photos, and they make the most fun memories to reminisce when the barkday madness is over.

Cute dachshund celebrating her first barkday with Chews and Party

Cook your dog their favourite meal

Who said that it was weird to cook a special meal for your dog? Not us that’s for sure! Think of that scene where Lady and the Tramp are sitting to enjoy a romantic meal - the luxury of that cute table setting and delish meal is something I don’t think anyone could forget. Cook a steak or maybe a special veggie pie and dress it up to look like it was from some Michelin star restaurant. Not only is this bound to make your dog’s day, we’re certain the photos are going to make your friends level up their game.

Host a Zoom party

Some of us may be a little Zoomed out but believe us for this one, a Zoom party with dogs is JUST SO FUN!! Send some invites to your friends, get everyone to dress up (dogs included), play some games and just have some fun! We recommend sticking to a 30-45 minute session to ensure that the novelty doesn’t fade away.

Run a barkday social photo party

Have you seen photos in your social feeds asking you to join in on someone’s barkday? Well that’s what this is! Create a unique hashtag and theme for your dog’s birthday and get your friends to take a photo of their pup (with the theme) and post it to their profiles using your hashtag. This is a cute way for you to see all those who have celebrated with you! A photo hoarder’s dream (aka mine haha).

Do some shopping!

Ok this tip isn’t the most wallet friendly but use this opportunity to splash the cash and spoil your dog! Remember that scene in Harry Potter when Dudley has like 39 presents but last year got 40? Well this could be your dog BUT your pup won’t complain 🤣 Just imagine how much fun it would be wrapping some super cute Chews and Party goodies or Babes in Blume crowns? We like this idea alot haha.

Dog with heaps of presents

Are you in Melbourne and looking for a dog party planner? Or maybe you’re in looking for dog party supplies from an Australian owned small business?

Reach out to us through our contact page or check out our shop for some unique handmade dog party items and toys. They're honestly the best dog party starters!


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