We LOVE grid notebooks. They’re not the standard here but in some countries like Italy and Japan, they’re what you get when you purchase a notebook.


Introducing our Chews and Party GRID notebooks! These notebooks are perfect for sketching, notetaking, scrapbooking and more. Honestly, grids are just so fun and make everything feel so tidy! Is it weird that we like tidiness in books? Maybe but seriously... LOVE. 


These come in a fabulous pink and come with a cute dog pen too!! Dog pen colour will be selected at random. If you’re set on a colour add a note to your order with your first and second preference and we will do our best to cater!


Size: A5

Pages: 96 grid lines

Cover: Soft

Pen Ink Colour: Black



Made in Australia 🥳🐾

Eat, Sleep, Bark, Repeat Grid Notebook