Ever wondered 'wish my dog could eat this card'? Well, now they can!


We partnered with Scoff Paper to bring you two super cute designs of a product you thought only existed in your dreams - edible cards for dogs!


The 'You're Just Supaw' design is for any occasion - maybe you really just want to try a first of its kind product or maybe you want to spoil your pup for being there for you during lockdown madness - the list of excuses goes on and each is 110% valid.

These cards are exclusive to us and come in two delicious flavours for you to choose from (nutty peanut butter 🥜 and tasty chicken 🍗)! Your dog will smell the deliciousness as soon as the envelope is opened! 🤤mmmmm… gimme!!


Want to add a message to your card?

We've also got Scoff Paper's edible ink pens! Simple add-on when making adding to your cart.

So, who is Scoff Paper?

Scoff Paper is a UK first of its kind, and award-winning, edible card maker. These cards are made in the UK by Scoff Paper with natural ingredients, containing no Rawhide. The cards are also vegan-friendly, wheat, gluten and grain free, and contain key vitamins and Omega 3 and 6 - so they're a healthy little treat to accompany your pup's balanced diet.

All of the materials and packaging are recyclable and the cellophane wrapping is biodegradable. So they’re not only good for dogs but good for the planet too!

Celebrate your furbaby with a deliciously cute card today!

Edible Card - You're Just SUPAW

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