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Behold the Classic Go Chew range. These guys are the cutest little animal / human Go Chews in their purest form.


Each is a one-off pieces meaning no two will ever be exactly the same. They come to life as we're building them - from unique faces to ears to head shape (now that is cute right)!



There is a custom option for those of you who want to pick the colour, ear shape and face. We can even sew your pup's name onto the back. If opting for the custom option, please email us first to see if we can meet your request and then fill in the information field when placing your order.


  • What's a Go Chew? Basically, they're on-the-go squeaky training toys! Visit the Go Chew shopping page for more on why these are a must-have for your pup.


Disclaimer - Accessories are not meant for rough play. Regularly check the condition of your dog’s toys and clothing pieces to ensure no loose or broken pieces that can be considered a choking hazard.

Classic Go Chew

PriceFrom $35.00
GST Included
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