Anybody else obsessed with keyrings? We've always gotten a tad carried away with cute things like keyrings, stickers and pins which drew us to creating Chews and Party keyrings! Woohoo!


If you're a little keyring obsessed like us, it's time to add some Chews and Party keyrings to your collection. Starting off with two designs you get to pick between the cutest flying dachshund or our mascot that you've grown to love (or maybe you want both - we totally get that too). 


Use these keyrings anywhere - on your car keys, on your backpack, as decoration for your bookshelf ... you get the picture! Now add to cart before these fly away like the dachshund with balloons!



P.S. If you've been eyeing off a Go Chew you can add a keyring to your order as a bundle deal. Head to the Go Chew product page and complete your order there.  

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