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Who LOVES magical things like unicorns!?

We do!!! Behold our Unicorn (and single Cowicorn) Go Chews 🦄 🥳🐾


These cuties are for the lovers of colour and all things fun. Each is unique so when you select your colour, you're selecting the base colour. The mane colour may vary slightly but believe us when we say each is absolutely FANTASTIC! ðŸ¦„🦄🦄


  • What's a Go Chew? Basically, they're on-the-go squeaky training toys! Visit the Go Chew shopping page for more on why these are a must-have for your pup.


Disclaimer - Accessories are not meant for rough play. Regularly check the condition of your dog’s toys and clothing pieces to ensure no loose or broken pieces that can be considered a choking hazard.

Unicorn Go Chew

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