The Bee Go Chew is here! Buzz buzz 🐝🐝🐝


What’s so good about it? 🧐 Well just like our other Go Chew's these guys feature:

🐾 pop the ring on your leash and clip-on / off the toy

🐾 get your dogs attention by using the squeaker inside (yay for perfect photos)🐾 play fetch at parks on your daily walk

🐾 give it to your pup when out and about to keep them entertained (hello easy brunch distraction!!)

🐾 low maintenance - just throw into the wash

🐾 handmade by us using 100% cotton yarn and new materials (polyester filling / plastic squeaker).

Bonus!! Your pup can also clean their teeth as they play because of the #crochet pattern - sparkle sparkle!


These are one-off pieces meaning no two will ever be exactly the same. Each one comes to life as we're building them - from unique faces to ears to head shape - now that is cute! These bees are chosen at random so you get to adopt a random bee (no pressure of having to decide who's cuter - win!).


P.S. If you're adding a keyring to your order please visit the keyring product page to view the two options. 


Disclaimer - Accessories are not meant for rough play. Regularly check the condition of your dog’s toys and clothing pieces to ensure no loose or broken pieces that can be considered a choking hazard.

Bee Go Chew