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Doing our bit for the planet

Sad fact: Our waste is growing at double the rate of our population with 52 mega tonnes generated a year. Australia is ranked fifth highest for generating the most municipal waste in the world.

At Chews and Party, we are focused on doing our bit to help the planet by reducing wastage and using as many eco-friendly items as possible. Below we go through some of our efforts in creating sustainable, planet friendly events.

Eco table settings

With our parties, we prefer to set eco-friendly tables. This means we opt for biodegradable cups, plates, cutlery and table covers to ensure our events leave minimal to no impact on the future of the environment.

Recycled theming

We try to keep party theming wastage to a minimum. We aim to recycle parts of our theme collection to be used at future awesome pet parties. Whilst we may recycle some party decorations, we will always mix it up to make your party unique! 


Donating leftovers

Have you been to a party that had zero food leftover? Unlikely, but if you have - AMAZING (unless it was a house party that had one packet of chips haha). Having zero leftovers is super rare so we make sure we collect all leftovers and donate what is donatable. Leftover treats are passed onto local shelters and food we try our best to plate up whats good for guests to take home and enjoy later. 

Donation boxes and

supporting causes

Depending on your party, we are more than happy to arrange donation drives of clothes, toys, beds, treats that can be passed onto local shelters or monetary donation campaigns. We love supporting those who need it most and love this idea for parties that want to support a charity they love. 

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