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Your furbaby's on-the-go best friend

We knew you were interested and rightly so, you should be.
Go Chews are only the most functional toy that humans and dogs want to fight over. 

clip, squeak, play

What's a Go Chew
and why do you need one?

Chloe please focus, that dog is only walking!

Oscar, sit and chill while I brunch.

Ruby! Ruby! Ruby! Come on... please look at the camera!

I forgot your ball Chester, sorry!

Sound like your dog problems? Behold, Go Chew to the rescue. 

Go Chews are the first of their kind, invented and brought to life by us (GO US!) What else is so great about them? You can....

  • pop the keyring on your leash and clip-on / off the toy

  • get your dog's attention by using the squeaker inside (yay for perfect photos)

  • play fetch at parks on your daily walk

  • give it to your pup when out and about to keep them entertained (hello easy brunch distraction!!)

  • with our handmade by us variety, due to the crochet pattern, your pup can also clean their teeth as they play - sparkle sparkle!

  • some even feature a little pocket to fit an emergency poop bag (we've all been there) or treat (phew).

Shop Go Chew

Convinced? We knew it!


We have two kinds of Go Chews available. Our gorgeous new mainstream version and our bespoke handmade by us variety.


Both types of Go Chews work the same and are SUPER adorable. So what's the diff you say? Well, it's entirely cosmetic and if you're like us, that is super important.  


Are you a fluffy teddy pup or more of a bespoke collector after that small batch piece of gold? The decision is tricky (and we totally get it if you can't decide and end up with both!)

Arlo Go Chew.png


I have it on my keys and like to do a sneaky squeak when I walk past other dogs. They're always like 'what's that!?' haha!

Pup's know best!



We've been using it so often! It's attached to Winnie's mini travel bag that we take out on day trips and long car rides 🥰 She loves her go chew 🥰

Screenshot 2023-03-20 at 10.52.35 pm.png


Tbh I always struggled so much trying to get him to look at the camera but something about the pitch of the squeaky makes it so much easier 😂

Go Chew maintenance

Our Go Chews are not meant for rough play.


Most customers use these as training toys when out and about as opposed to your pup playing with them 24/7 (although they will 100% want to).


Regularly check the condition of your dog’s Go Chews to ensure no loose or broken pieces that can be considered a choking hazard. Be sure to never let them play with the keyring.

If your Go Chew is looking a bit grotty (they go through a lot of teeth), simply pop it in the washing machine and air dry! 

With our 'handmade by us' variety, there will be slight variances in appearance from the product photos pictured. We're busy making many custom Go Chews. Turnaround is currently between 15-20 days (excluding shipping) for all handmade pieces. 

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