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Dog siblings - want to find them?

Have you ever wondered what happened to your pup’s siblings when you got them from their litter? From finding out what they look like, the quirky habits they may have, and potential health issues that could arise, knowing your pet’s siblings can bring a plethora of benefits. At Chews and Party, we developed a campaign called #dogsiblinghunt to do just this – help you find your pet’s siblings.

Recently featured in Off The Leash’s article titled ‘Do Dog Siblings Miss Each Other after They’re Separated?’ our campaign has been found to be one of a kind. Check out the article to read about some interesting studies about dogs and their siblings.

We have created a number of templates for you to fill in with information about your pup. There are templates that have space for photos of the litter (if you have them) and templates with space for just one photo. There are templates for Instagram Stories, and templates for more post like images to be used on Instagram or Facebook.

Information required to fill in the templates is minimal, yet crucial, in the successful search for your pups’ siblings. This includes your pup’s name, breed, birth date, suburb / city of origin and gotcha day.

Once templates are filled in, we encourage you to post it to your Instagram story and tag us (@chewsandparty) so that we can add it to our ‘Sibling Hunt' highlight which is like a catalogue of dogs. We also suggest you post it to your feed and use the tag #dogsiblinghunt so that all the dogs looking for their sibling stick to the hashtag for easy searching.

Has it worked?

To date we have come sooo close to connecting some pups to their siblings. We’ve had inboxes from people thinking they know a particular pup pictured and have tried to connect some ourselves but have always been a few days or months out.

Connecting pup siblings is a long-term project, so we know this will take some time to create a solid connection. Nevertheless, we hope to create a connection soon so that we can host a future ‘Reunion Party’.

Join the hunt

We think every dog will get value from knowing their siblings, even if your pup’s siblings ended up in another state. To get involved visit our Instagram highlights named ‘Sibling Hunt’ and get ready to start your #dogsiblinghunt with us.


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