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The BEST gifts for dog lovers

Whoah can you believe it's that time of year again when you need to start shopping for everyone!? I mean - you can't leave old neighbour Barbara out of your Christmas shopping, especially since she's given Chester treats all year every time she sees him!?

We've compiled a list of items from our store that are just PERFECT to grab and fill some cute Christmas baskets. While some of you thought that we only sell dog toys, this blog is to show you just how diversified our products are that will satisfy most (we can't say all) on your holiday shopping list.

Let's go!!

If you've been living under a rock then you probably don't know what the most in-demand product at Chews and Party has been - our famous Go Chew toys. These guys are on the go toys that you can use the keyring to link it to your leash and then clip on / off the toy for training, playing, or just getting attention. What's super special about this series is that they're characters!! Dumplings, Pikachu, hearts omg the list goes on. These are hand crocheted by us because we're the best dog fiberartists (haha) Your friends WOULD LOVE one of these for Christmas. We've had so many people just buy these for their keys!

2023 is looking paper pup cute! To make every day of 2023 a million times better, we’ve created (and locally printed professionally) a desk calendar featuring a gorgeous 36 cute doggo breeds! Each page has the cutest paper cut-out dogs (and a cat) you can imagine! They're bold, bright and beautiful (did you ever watch the TV soap 'Bold and the Beautiful'? haha oh gosh the memories but we digress...). Boyyyyyy..... these are the best KK present!! What's even better is that these are only $28 each! WHAT A GORGEOUS BARGAIN!


The Howling Lisa!

The infamous painting has been dogafied!

Think about all the people that would love this sticker to stick on their computer or fridge or car. This sticker is definitely the gift for the Melbourne artsy folks that live in Collingwood and only drink the best coffee like Industry Beans. Adds X5 to cart now! While you're there be sure to check out our other dog stickers. Just watch your wallet!

Know someone who loves keyrings? Or just really don't know what to get someone? Well our keyrings are the perfect gift that says 'aw' and 'SO CUTE'.

We've got keyrings that are so chill - chill enough to say 'don't worry be yappy' or keyrings that are extra for the dog party people like us.

Can someone please gift one of these for me? :(

AHHHH! Aren’t tiny things just the cutest? Behold - our big bro, little bro carrot combo!! Do you know a pup with a sibling on the way and want a mini version of our popular carrot toy? Maybe you just love carrots so much that you must add our tiny one to your collection! Well here you go… your wish is our command 🧞‍♂️We hand make these ourselves with fun printed fabrics. They're our staple go-to toy as our furbabies love them but they also just look great! Now I want a carrot too. Boooo!

We don't think you'd find a cuter collection of toys, stationery and fun things than at Chews and Party. Sounds bias but it's true - you've told us so!

P.S. If you do know some other cute small businesses like ours - send them our way! We need to do our own Christmas shopping too and love supporting other businesses that are just killing it!


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